Do We Play by the Same Rules in the Legal World of Serving Process?

Posted April 21, 2016 @ 10:45 am

When it comes to enforcing Judicial Process Service upon a witnesses or a defendant, do you really think everyone plays by the same rules of "civil" litigation within the courts? We think not.

As Private Process Servers who perform service of process services on a nationwide basis we see, hear and experience all of the games played by people involved in litigation; mainly defendants and witnesses who avoid getting served with legal papers. For us, a good portion of our time is spent playing "cat and mouse" with people or even "dog catcher" trying to leash a wild animal from running around the neighborhood. Not to say we are equating witnesses or defendants with animals, yet many act that way when it comes to eluding service of process.

Most of the hurdles Private Process Servers are challenged by involve how people, defendants and witnesses, try to make themselves unavailable from judicial service of process. Many hide behind doors or slip outside of a side doors and even drop out of windows. Many people even try to use gated communities, camera's at their doorway(s) and even use motion activated lights and video!

Interestingly, when we deal with guards in gated communities they are generally helpful but come holiday season when they are expecting tips, many guards become protective of the residents so as to not anger them and possibly lose their annual Christmas or New Year gift. Yeah, we Process Servers deal with numerous variables that all affect how service of process is made or not made. One would think the judicial process would be a bit more sophisticated by now but it’s not. Process Server's today are still dealing with the same issues presented to Process Servers from last century. The only difference is there is more technology that assists defendants and witnesses avoid the inevitable.

It's really not all that bad as Private Process Servers have gained an advantage over evasive witnesses and defendants. We now have access to social media, on line resources, GPS Tracking and other useful tools that never existed until recently. Rest assured when we are on the hunt, we use all of the best "tools" and resources to track down and serve process!

Private Process Servers today are challenged by weather, timing and even dangerous circumstances. Don’t think for a minute Professional Process Serving is an easy job or something that anyone can do. Process Serving services are performed by unique, trained and highly talented professionals. Like any profession there are some that are not dependable and go rogue at times, but rest assured the overwhelming majority of Private Process Servers are abundantly equipped to deal with all circumstances and can be depended upon.

Here at A.C.E. Process Serving Services our Process Servers are vetted; background checked and are members of the top national and statewide process serving associations. We are very careful who works for us and how we go about handling your service of process request. Our Management staff consists of Private Investigators (Agency License A9900347), Licensed Sheriff Appointed Special Process Server, Court Certified Process Servers, Realtors, an Attorney, a Paralegal and a host of other talented and broadly experienced business people who care.