Courthouse Courier: Court Weather

Posted May 26, 2016 @ 6:34 am

Summer weather and its effects on Process Serving, Courthouse Courier Services and Judicial Services.

The recent tornado's touching down in Kansas, raging through the mid-west and running throughout the northern plains was responsible for wide spread devastation and the loss of life. Texas has been under water and dealing with loss of life due to more rain and flooding then ever recorded in history. Communities were destroyed, businesses were leveled and hundreds miles of land and roads were destroyed.

When tragedy strikes one place it affects all of us. We stand by, watching on TV; viewing video of severe winds, tunnel clouds, heavy rain, hail and flooding that sweep homes, businesses and people into the abyss. 

What does this all mean to the judicial system of litigation, due process and its overall affect on process serving services? To start, weather delays and denies citizens of their right to a fair trial, delays or causes the cancellation of hearings and depositions and in some cases even cancels jury trials indefinitely. Because the judiciary Process of service of process and courthouse services is exclusively dependent upon dedicated people who unfortunately cannot get to work, all process services and the enitre court system slows down and at times even stops, further backlogging the existing work load of all involved with supporting the process of the court system and its procedures.

Weather conditions frequently cause courthouses close or have reduced hours, to slow or stop process serving services which are crucial to the judicial process. Even clerks and employees of the court are subject to their own personal situations which impact the hours that can or cannot work. Regardless of what role a person plays within the entire legal system, weather and the aftermath cause services to diminish due to less productive hours. Many court and judicial legal support services are suspended temporarily causing Attorneys to stop working on files or, at minimum, divert their minds, resources and time around current courthouse and process serving problems.

Process Servers, judiciary researchers and courthouse couriers are inhibited or prohibited from performing their duties when severe weather is forecasted or exists. Process Servers and courthouse couriers keep close tabs on the weather as any major warnings of pending storms, high winds, flooding and or precipitation will dictate the timing of how and when a service will be handled. Forecasted weather conditions dictate to many how and when to drive to work or to not even go to work.

Since Process Servers and courthouse couriers are the front line service providers for law firms and attorney's, it is their timing, success, abilities or unexpected inabilities that create a time line for all case file reviews, planning, depositions, production and service of process upon defendants, respondents and witnesses.

Take a moment to focus on the importance of what Process Servers and courthouse couriers really mean to law firms and attorneys. Like mail carriers, FedEx or UPS, Process Servers and court couriers, also known as court runners, court messengers, courthouse Process Servers, are expected to perform field services regardless of forecasted or unexpected weather and road conditions. Natural disasters, wrecks on highways, extreme heat, flooding, hail, road rage, tolls, traffic and limited resources at the court affect deadlines. These are just a few challenges that confront, judicial logisticians, courthouse couriers and Process Servers every day.

We suggest when you hire a Process Server or courthouse courier to perform Service of process or case file copying services, on behalf of your law firm, you must keep in mind there are many variables that influence the timing of your request. To the extent you may need a same day service or a rush service, we will do our best. Our best is usually far better than anyone else can do yet please understand we don’t control the weather nor do we have a crystal ball to predict road conditions and unexpected events. Therefore, you must be cognizant of the fact that we aspire to start and finalize all court and process service requests on time but  we are always challenged by variables that are out of our control.

As the Memorial Holiday weekend is behind us, schools are out for the summer and extended weekends and vactions are common place, we must stop and think, even pray, for those who have sustained losses and are still experiencing extreme weather an are in harm’s way in Texas, mid-west, north east and northern plains. Extreme weather directly impacts our personal and professional lives on every level. We are subject to gods' will and all services needed and peformed as available, when of if accessible and within the boundries of the unexpected. Process Servers and courthouse couriers adapt to and are used to challenges and unforseen circumstances that directly impact timing, logistics and results.

Regardless where weather and unforeseen disasters occur it affects us all. We ask that you take the time to consider we all have family, loved ones, special people, animals, plants in our lives. Our personal lives and professional plans have to be coordinated so as to allow for proper prioritization of our responsibilities to ourself and to our clients.

Process Servers courthouse couriers are not immune to unforeseen circumstances. As Process Servers and courthouse couriers we do our best to think ahead, plan our itineraries  around with weather conditions which have a major influence when and where we perform services. Weather and road conditions are out of our control but we remain focused and target our efforts the best we can to represent your needs.  If, unfortunately, you are not pleased with services provided; perhaps the timing was slow or your deadline is rapidly approaching, please understand we are trying our best. We strive for successful services every minute of every day. If you are happy with services, be advised A LOT of effort and dedication went into making sure your service was handled in accordance with your directives and the law.

Nationwide Process Serving and courthouse courier Services are provided by A. C. E. Process Servers, a twenty year old legal support service company that manages a nationwide team of  service professionals. Our regional and local managers are the most experienced and knowledgeable professional in the legal support services profession.

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