Private Process Servers

Posted June 25, 2016 @ 10:53 am

Most private process serving business are owned by a single person or a small family. Process Servers support our legal system and are hard-working people who work excessive hours and are usually available in a moments notice. When you hire a professional process server you are supporting a local person or a small business owner, not a large corporation of mangers who  line their pockets at the expense of taking advantage of its hourly employees.

When you hire a Private Process Server you are helping a family buy food; make a car payment; pay for incidental expenses; help pay for at home schooling; karate lessons; a netflix; maybe even a doctors visit. When you hire us, you are supporting a proud local professional who is eager to assist you and is VERY thankful for your support. A.C.E. Process Servers are local residents who provide the best process and court services. You can be depend upon us with your simple or complex service. We will perform services in a timely manner, guaranteed.

We are proud American's with the influence of our ancestors and are guided by the laws of our state and federal goverment as well as a dedicated and professional code of ethics. 

Thank you for reading this blog and if you have the time please read some of the previous blogs. Or, when you are prepared to have uss handle your service of process service, courthouse courier service or skip trace service, contact us at 800-987-4680 or email us at 

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