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Posted July 31, 2016 @ 4:55 pm

Nationwide Process Serving Services in August is Business as Usual

    August is a time when most people in our nation enjoy. Yes, many places have climatic, geographic, demographic and topographic differences, yet Americans are all trying to enjoy the last month of the summer. Many take vacations and many take advantage of the extended day light hours by taking up outside activities. Most seem to alter their habits and adjust to the summer season with hope and promise of safe fun, enjoying family and friends and healthy activities.

While most Americans throughout the nation are in a summer state of mind, Process Servers remain serious minded and keep working and focused.  Process Servers actually work harder during August,  as many people are simply not around to serve papers to, thus requiring more attempts than usual. However, as they say in Hollywood and on Broadway, "The Show Must Go On!" What we are suggesting is, Private Process Servers are no different than most people trying to enjoy August yet the judicial process in America does NOT allow Process Servers to stop for long vacations. Therefore, our dedicated Process Servers must keep the process of serving subpoenas, citations and summonses moving at all times, especially during the month of August. 

The A.C.E. Private Process Serving Service company does NOT close! In fact, A.C.E. professional process serving services are in motion and open all the time! One may say, A.C.E. Process Servers never really "sleep" and are ready to run, deliver and serve process anywhere and at anytime, where statutes and law allows.

When you need private process services, please connect with us. We are serious process servers who are committed and ready to go when you are! When you find others who don’t answer their phone or respond to email, you can depend on us to be available, without fail.  We are here to assist you! IN tyhe unlikely situation, if we dont answer our phone we are probably helping others who called before you. If that is the case, we guarantee a call back within 10 minutes. 

We love our job and don’t believe a vacation will change how we feel about process serving as a business. We enjoy the fact that we are always traveling, experiencing new places, unique people and are challenged with new each service with enthusiasm and dedication. Our job is never boring and is always interesting!

Email us at, please be prepared to advise us of the zip code of the address we will be performing services and your deadline when services must be completed by. This information will afford you an opportunity to obtain a fast quote.

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