Professional Process Servers effecting service of process services on behalf Law Firms

Welcome to A. C. E. Inc. Process Serving Services. Our reputable team of private process servers travel to most cities in America. Our local process agents are prompt, dependable and on time. All Process Serving services are modeled after your particular needs and are custom fit to assure accuracy timely results. For the past twenty one years our process servers traveled millions of miles, served and delivered hundreds of thousands of Orders, Subpoena’s, Notifications, Summons, Show Cause, Citations and all types of letters, eviction notices and more.
For Guidance, Please Contact us by email before you decide who and how to serve your legal documents. A.C.E. private process serving agents offer you insights, advise, great customer service and will communicate with you regarding the status of your service. Our managers provide court compliant affidavits and notarized Proof of Service immediately upon completion of your service.

Private Process Serving Services are contracted and performed in most states. Assertive Process Servers are ready to assist you with your questions and will make sure your service is properly handled each step of the way until a final resolution !

A. C. E., Inc., A Florida based but Nationwide Service Company hires Process Servers to travel and perform process serving in most locations and are ready to work within your directives and needs. When you need service of process of an Order, Subpoena, Writ, Summons, Claim or Citation served anywhere in the Nation, A.C.E. is the place for Professional Process Server to be at the address of your choice and to engage the subject you directed us to serve your papers to. When we arrive at the address we will make observations, take notes and approach a defendant, witness, debtor, delinquent, adverse party in an assertive yet courteous manner. Our Process Servers are trained and responsible to assure service will be handled properly, timely and hopefully without incident.

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A.C.E., Inc. Process Servers are Diligent and Dedicated agents. Our Processing Team Guarantees Prompt Results

A.C.E, Inc. personalized professional process services are guaranteed to meet your requirements. Whether it’s a simple service or a complex situation we always take pride in making sure we exceed our clients’ expectations. You can count on A. C. E. Process Servers to follow your direction and to act lawfully at all times. We are very careful how we handle each transaction as we know every step taken by our process servers are the foundation of and a sure way to advance your case. Rest assured, we are serious about how we handle your documents and guarantee results.

Technology, Compliance, Efficiency and Commitment is what A.C.E. Private Process Servers offers every client. We serve process and deliver legal documents and Demand Letters in a manner that most don’t and many wish they could.

Our commitment to technology and compliance is at the highest level in the process server industry. We are leaders at the services we provide because we regulate and manage aspects of each service we are asked to perform. Our employees, agents and contractors utilize mobile scanners, email, text messaging, apps, video and copy machines in their vehicle, homes and offices. All devises are utilized to increase efficiency, save time and lower the cost of delivering and serving papers. As you can tell by our website we enjoy connecting with and committing ourselves to our client’s needs. As you will learn our process servers will use the tools of our trade to their and your advantage!

We Pledge to Provide Fast and Efficient Process Servers anywhere in the Nation

We are fast, efficient and know exactly how to get each service properly effectuated. No other Process Service company offer’s the ease of services, reasonable fees and excellent customer service the way we can. No other Process Serving organization has twenty years of professional and dependable processing managers to assure perfection!

A.C.E. Process Servers and Investigators have a 99% Success Rate

Our Nationwide Process Services are supported by in house Licensed Private Investigator’s who are skip tracer and locator professionals. When there is a difficult to serve defendant or a subject cannot be easily found, you can expect one of our investigators to provide you with a free consultation how to locate and serve the target of your service of process. Our licensed private investigators work hand in hand with our process servers and use all of the best resources, database services and good ole fashion detective skills to find and serve people anywhere in the United States. Actually, when an A. C. E. Private Investigator is teamed with an A .C. E. Process Server to handle complex situations, we have a 99% success rate!

A.C.E. Private Process Servers offers a Guarantee that our Customer Service is the Best in the Nation.

A. C .E. Inc., Process Servers contract and manage a professional network of authorized and dependable process servers in most states, counties, cities and zip codes throughout the United States. A. C. E., Nationwide Processing Managers are proud of their long history of successful service offering, no complaints, being a respected process service agency for more them 3100 law firms and as an approved vendor to most United States Government agencies. We have the distinct honor of being called the “go to” process serving and courthouse service company by the top 100 law firms and at least 77 of the Fortune 100 Corporations. Our “get it right the first time” attitude assures our clients we provide services in a serious and dedicated manner that is required in the Legal Support services industry.

Charitable Contributions, Client Incentives and Process Serving Services on a Daily basis.

Posted June 4, 2017 @ 2:27 pm

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  Not sure who is responsible for this statement but it certainly applies to anyone who wants to remain positive and productive in life. The past is now behind you and can no longer be changed or altered; hopefully your past is something to learn from and build upon to influence today and your future conduct. Today’s agenda, tasks and goals are set by you and only yourself. Nobody else has control over your mind or actions. You can make today a great day or simply let mediocrity or lack of action become today’s dest...
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How to Hire a Professional and Private Process Server

Posted February 12, 2017 @ 8:47 pm

The method and procedure of hiring a private and professional Process Server is EASY. If you are reading this blog there is a good chance you need assistance with planning how you go about hiring a process server. Well, the process is quite easy. If you are not seeking information about process services and are just curious about this blog, our process services or are seeking ideas, we welcome you to read our previous blogs for some really great insights, information and news! OK, back to finding out about how to hire a process server. The procedure is simple. Here's what you need prior to c...
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Nationwide Process Servers, Skip Tracing and Location Services

Posted January 15, 2017 @ 6:16 pm

Nationwide Process Serving Services Newsletter and Advisory. This newsletter and advisory blog is offered to people seeking information about Nationwide Process Serving Services. We have professional agents who travel to addresses where you need service. We hope you find interesting suggestions and advice concerning finding missing people, locating witnesses and tracking down elusive defendants in this blog. If you a have any questions or would like to speak to an agent, please call us at 888-406-6517. We also offer insights and information to assist you with the ultimate goal of the initial ...
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Process Servers; Best Services, Guaranteed Results

Posted October 16, 2016 @ 7:17 pm

The Legal Mind and the Line Drawn; Obtaining the Lowest Fees for Process Serving Services is not at all what it’s meant or should be. There is an imaginary line in the minds of legal professionals who are Attorneys, Paralegal Professionals and or assistants who work for law firms, corporate legal departments and or business offices.  Obtaining the lowest fee quote for anticipated process serving or court record retrieval services seems to be the main focus when looking for a Process Server or Process Service company. sad but true. Most inquiries for service start off with "how much...
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Nationwide Process Serving Services by A.C.E. Process Servers, voted

Posted September 5, 2016 @ 5:04 pm

A.C.E. Inc., We are Nationwide Process Servers who possess unique abilities, focused commitment and provide dedicated legal support services on behalf of Attorneys, Law Offices, Government Agencies and Finance Companies. A.C.E., Inc. Nationwide Private Process Servers perform more than the delivery of court documents. In fact, our Process Servers are widely misunderstood and underestimated by the average person who believes Process Servers are glorified messengers, couriers and judicial service providers. Process Servers also provide skip trace services which basically means we find missing ...
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Nationwide Process Servers

Posted July 31, 2016 @ 8:55 pm

Nationwide Process Serving Services in August is Business as Usual    August is a time when most people in our nation enjoy. Yes, many places have climatic, geographic, demographic and topographic differences, yet Americans are all trying to enjoy the last month of the summer. Many take vacations and many take advantage of the extended day light hours by taking up outside activities. Most seem to alter their habits and adjust to the summer season with hope and promise of safe fun, enjoying family and friends and healthy activities. While most Americans throughout the nation are...
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Private Process Servers, Guaranteed Professionals

Posted June 25, 2016 @ 2:53 pm

Most private process serving business are owned by a single person or a small family. Process Servers support our legal system and are hard-working people who work excessive hours and are usually available in a moments notice. When you hire a professional process server you are supporting a local person or a small business owner, not a large corporation of mangers who  line their pockets at the expense of taking advantage of its hourly employees. When you hire a Private Process Server you are helping a family buy food; make a car payment; pay for incidental expenses; help pay for at home ...
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Process Servers and Courthouse Courier Services

Posted May 26, 2016 @ 10:34 am

Summer weather and its effects on Process Serving, Courthouse Courier Services and Judicial Services. The recent tornado's touching down in Kansas, raging through the mid-west and running throughout the northern plains was responsible for wide spread devastation and the loss of life. Texas has been under water and dealing with loss of life due to more rain and flooding then ever recorded in history. Communities were destroyed, businesses were leveled and hundreds miles of land and roads were destroyed. When tragedy strikes one place it affects all of us. We stand by, watching on TV; viewing ...
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The United States Court System: The Role of Courthouse Process Servers and Court Couriers

Posted May 21, 2016 @ 2:50 pm

Courthouses of the United States and the Essential  Role of Courthouse Process Servers and Court Couriers As the leading courthouse courier and process serving service in America, we train and require each of our agents to have thorough knowledge of the United States Court system. All agents are deeply involved with the courts and are updated with policies and changes that may affect the way we perform services on behalf of our clients. The basis of understanding the courts originates from the fact the United States court system consists of a Federal Court system and 50 state courts. Th...
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Do We Play by the Same Rules in the Legal World of Serving Process?

Posted April 21, 2016 @ 2:45 pm

When it comes to enforcing Judicial Process Service upon a witnesses or a defendant, do you really think everyone plays by the same rules of "civil" litigation within the courts? We think not. As Private Process Servers who perform service of process services on a nationwide basis we see, hear and experience all of the games played by people involved in litigation; mainly defendants and witnesses who avoid getting served with legal papers. For us, a good portion of our time is spent playing "cat and mouse" with people or even "dog catcher" trying to leash a wild animal from running ...
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