Quality Process Serving Service, Cheap - Nope. Sorry

Posted March 16, 2020 @ 6:33 pm

At a time when everyone is seeking the lowest fee for service of process, we offer you the best process serving services, communications and guarantee results. Your focus on obtaining the best or lowest fee is fully justified but we all know, you get what you pay for. Lower fees in this business means less service, slower response time and lower quality work product. We know about this. After twenty four years of providing exemplary services and observing others, we learned and became the best because of our high level of accuracy, awesome clients services and communications. 

We are nationwide process servers for more than twenty years. We have seen many smaller companies offer lower fees and most don’t have longevity, expertise or hang around long enough to assist you in the months ahead. Whereas, we have maintained very fair fees but have never offered less than amazing customer service. We are widely known as the best at what we do, because we proved it, we earned it and are consistant.

Generally, best or cheaper fees amount to a relatively small amount of savings. When you experience problems with a process server its usually due to inexperience, lack of understanding, poorly prepared or no proof of service affidavit and seriously delayed communications. What you save in lower fees you ultimately spend more time trying to communicate with your process server and dealing with correcting issues associated with a lower fee offer.

Rarely do lower fees mean better services. This is not to say, you should not research lower fees and seek out the best deal for your client, but you should also try hire a process server who has a reputation for providing the best services. In our view, if saving 5.00 or 10.00 is your primary concern, then move on from this page to another process server. Lower fees are not what we offer. What we do provide are fair fees, the best process services and compliant business practice guarantees. If you are seeking reliability, experience, getting it right the first time and accuracy than please read on. Or, please call us at 888-406-6517 or email to,  Contact@ServePaper.com .

We are competitive with our fees, but our main focus is to associate with clients who are in need of quality-oriented assistance. Quality process service, timely status reports, descriptive updates and guaranteed compliant paperwork is what we offer and pledge to provide. For over twenty years, we have maintained fair pricing and our competitors, not knowing how to compete on our level of expertise, have resorted to offering lower fees as their only option. Lower fees usually mean lower quality of work and especially lack of attention to detail. Lower fees place you into the abyss of bargain-based paralegals and attorneys very much like going to a dollar store or a rummage sale for deals.

It is noteworthy, not all process servers are alike, but most are. You can use the food service industry as an analogy for the process serving industry. You know you can buy a burger at a local fast food restaurant and pay less, but you will wait longer and usually get lower grade ingredients than many of its competitors. When yiu make a choice to go to a fast food restuarant, you take the time to look into the ingredients - is quality even important to you? Do you actual care what you put into your body? Is good quality food part of your daily personal goals? If not, than you are probably the same person shopping around for lower fees for services for your clients and office. You dont care about quality work, just cheap prices, do you really? Admit it, you want cheap (some say inexpensive) and you want expeditious service. Go ahead, buy fast, eat fast and don’t care about quality, see where that gets you. Perhaps a quick stop at a local drug store for tums or gas X? Maybe even a long experience in the bathroom? All because the decision you made was to buy cheap….. Alternatively, if you care about what you eat, don’t want to experience long lines, prefer personalized service and quality products, start thinking differently. Don’t look for the easiest and cheapest way to handle your precious time and responsibilities.  Cheap food and long waits is no different than paying cheap fees fpr process serving. THough one has nothing to do with the other in terms of your health, they do BOTH reflect upon your decision making abilities and thge level of stress you elect to avoid or create. Dont buy cheap, by smart!

Lower fees will place you on a long line, working with people who will not know who you, lack understanding, and when you call or email will most likely not answer their telephones or email in a timely manner. A more established and successful business will be there for you; we are here for you. Rest assured, we guarantee availabilty and quality work product. We are equipped to get the job done properly and to make you shine with your client!

There are significant differences in the legal services and process serving business and the primary one is YOU. YES YOU. The decision you make is a direct reflection on your abilities and ultimately whether your clients' best interest were property served.

At a time when we are all faced with the challenges of dealing with the Corona-19 virus, high stress, short supplies of products, supply chain disruptions and a worsening business environment, we urge you to take an extra few minutes to get to know who you contact to handle your important service. We suggest you focus on the most important aspects of your needs; that is, what is your end game and who can facilitate your needs with less stress and more efficiency? What is it you need and in the time frame you require is essential to your success. Ask who will be handling your service, how much experience does the person responsible for handling your service have? Maybe create a check list prior to calling or emailing? Hopefully, the people you speak with, interviewing if you will, if honest will answer all your questions accurately. You can count on us. Your business is our business and we are serious about it. 

Your check list obviously must include a quote, but it should also incorporate most of which was suggested above. Comparing service providers is part of your job, its your responsibility. Nobody has a crystal ball and can predict if the person or office you choose to assist you will perform. However, spending just an extra minute or two inquirying will certainly increase your chances of a successful experience. Always select a Process Server or Process Serving Services office that can offer you more of themselves, not less. Your clients deserve credibile assisatnce, positive experiences and professional results.  

So, when you call or email us and your first question is, "what is your fee" without taking the time to know who you are calling is a waste of your time and possibility the beginning of creating a problem for yourself and client. Do you really want to be the cause of the problem or be responsible for a successful accomplishment? If you focus on quality and dependability before considering the lowest fee, you will certainly increase your chances for a better experience a productive and successful result.

Call or email us when you need service of process assistance. When you retain us, you will experience the difference and get to know who you can depend upon. We are here to assist you and most of our process servers are only minutes away from from most addresses in the area. 

Be safe, stay healthy, eat well and choose your process server in wisely!

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